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About us

DPS Services is a professional and active procurement organization that builds purchasing collectives based on data analysis.

The collective purchasing organization

DPS Services originated from the Dutch Purchasing Collective for Infrastructure (NiCW), in which 10 infrastructure builders achieved substantial cost benefits through joint purchasing. DPS Services now includes purchasing collectives for a wide range of industries. The group buys more than € 150 million per year and we save our participants – including many medium-sized and family businesses – tens of millions thanks to strict framework agreements and sophisticated project procurement. This is possible because our experienced and expert buyers have the collective purchasing data of all participants. Optimal insight into purchasing volumes and product specifications offers the best possible negotiating position from which each individual participant benefits to the maximum.

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Facts offer the best negotiating position


The affiliated participants together represent a large purchasing volume. DPS Services adds value to the affiliated companies by bundling volume at the best delivery conditions. DPS achieves significant savings based on data analysis by having its participants purchase based on facts.


Optimizing ordering and purchasing processes based on data means that suppliers have to incur lower costs, can focus on the quality of services and thereby increase their market share. In addition, suppliers benefit from the generated data because trends and relationships can be discovered on the basis of which stocks can be held.


Efficiency in purchasing and ordering

The core business of DPS Services is the optimization of the purchasing and ordering process in the broadest sense of the word. The DPS Services specialists have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in recent years. This offers direct returns to the participants, because DPS has framework contracts for all common product groups that are required for operational management.

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Our references

Our method is clear

The order, delivery and payment of products or services proceed as usual in the industry. Each participant has a fixed contact person per supplier. For the DPS Services contracts, the usual delivery terms and payment conditions with fixed, competitive price agreements apply. DPS Services specializes in optimizing. DPS Services concludes framework contracts for a wide range of products and services. These purchasing contracts provide a lot of benefits for the participants.

Knowledge gained from facts

Large amounts of data are used in communication between organizations and suppliers. DPS Services recognizes the possibilities and strategic importance of this information and has developed an indispensable tool in the purchasing process. DPS Services helps participants to base decisions on knowledge gained from facts.

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